Being Buddha

Meditation in the metaverse. The gamification of meditation using NFTs

Series 1: A.I. generated Buddha NFTs on the Solana blockchain that support peace-of-mind and meditation in everyday life.
4888 unique Buddhas for mint on November 14th, 2021.

Hidden in the ancient Himalayas are treasures that hold the key to a happy and easeful mind. Reveal your own buddha to uncover rare teachings you can collect, trade and gift.

All thoughts arise and release like a line in space, leaving no trace.


4888 Buddhas, Nov 14th, 2021
Trade or Meditate
Trade: on Solana marketplaces or
Meditate: Access our meditation space on our site to meditate and allow your buddha to unlock higher access levels and utilities.
The first event is a meditation on impermanence. Within the collection are 1000 mandalas. Buddhas with 30+ days meditation and holding 2 mandalas can burn their mandalas to create a rare vanishing buddha loop.
Buddhas in meditation retreat receive random meditation airdrops. And meditation day milestones will come with special rewards such as presale and mint passes to the upcoming 'Being Buddha' series 2.
We are committed to providing dedicated spaces for mediation and mental health in our discord and via our site. Also, through our collaboration with Unlock Defi we will build a community space in the NeoNexus world to meditate and enjoy your Being Buddha collection.
Future Developments
3D buddhas! All beings are buddhas. New art styles depicting buddhas from all walks of life like, you and me, to enjoy in the metaverse. Interact with your buddha! Each buddha will develop and grow with you using machine learning technology. Your personal meditation friend or guide.

The artworks

We train our AI on thousands of ancient depictions of buddha and other wisdom art pieces.

Our AI then generates 4888 completely new and unique images forming your own personal Buddha.

We curate each image personally to develop a rarity chart from the 4888 images. Details on rarities will be released before the mint commences.

Within the 4888 pieces there will be a collection of still buddha images and a limited amount of rare looping buddhas, before the transformations begin.

Meditating with your Buddha

Connect to our site and select your buddha.

Press the meditate button - reset!

Collect your meditation days to increase the rarity of your buddha.

In development:
Chat with your buddha.
Watch your buddha transform with you.

The team

We are practitioners of meditation for over 15 years. We are also mathematicians, artists, psychologists, coders, massage therapists, philosophers and designers from around the world. Our art and design is from The Three Roots, our blockchain tech is developed by Unlock Defi. Connect with us on Discord or Twitter

The Three Roots
Art and Project Design
Communications and Project Design
Project Design & Management
ML/AI Expert & Game Dev
Web Dev
Unlock DeFi
Blockchain Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

About Being Buddha

November 14th, 11am PT (TBC)

A link to a mint page will be posted before launch.

Yes, we will announce all marketplaces shortly.

Yes, we will update our site and discord with the rarities before launch.